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the death alpha

The Death Alpha is the main antagonist of our story. His main goal in the movie is to set his brother Cerberus free. By doing this he will become the most powerful hound in bound. Another result of this is once Cerberus is released he will reek havoc on all living creatures.

The Death Alpha has three daughters, (Mai, Mia, and Raina) and all of them wear golden rings in their ears to symbolize their relationship to one another. The Death Alpha either doesn’t have a mate, or he used to and she disappeared.  He also has nephews. (Zar, Balder, and Brendan)


Damien is the oldest wolf in the group. He acts as the alpha even though it commonly is brought up that they aren’t a real pack but a “band of loners.” When things get chaotic, Damien steps up and keeps things under control. The also randomly showed up when Alador and Kara ran away, and he brought them back to his friends.

The other wolves in the group also treat him much like an alpha. This is because it is implied that Damien was the alpha’s son of another pack, which he left to be with his mate Hartanna. Over the years they would adopt lonely or lost puppies that wondered into their home. So, in a way, he is Lightning, Melody, Chance, Kendon, Myra, and Onora’s step father. Hartanna and Damien never had puppies, and if they did they never appear. It is also revealed at the end of the story that Damien had puppies with his first mate Bete De Loup (a black Labrador) who turned out to be Kara and Alador.


Alador is the perfect mixture of cute and dangerous. He is adamant about protecting his friends and family, can be painfully optimistic, and is about as innocent as they come. He loves to play and eat, and he can be known as a bit of a prankster, but he is also a force to be reckoned with in a fight. He knows what is right and is willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect it.

He is more introverted in the beginning, and allows his sister, Kara, to talk for him. He is also known to have a crush on Onora. But they hadn’t been together long enough to actually be involved too much with each other. He always held hope that his dad would return and he loves his family unconditionally. You can’t get him to stop loving you once he starts. No matter what you do, he’s the type to stay with you through thick and thin. His loyalty bypasses normal standards to a high degree.


When Arrow was young his land was overtaken by The Death Alpha’s pack. He escaped with his brother and sister, but it is implied that his brother is dead in the movie. He takes care of his remaining sister however, and is WAY over-protective of her mainly because of their past. Arrow loves to leave for prolonged hunting trips, because he enjoys being alone. He has trouble trusting anyone, and doesn’t react well to newcomers. It is revealed in the movie that Arrow had been secretly trained to take down The Death Alpha, but it wasn’t his destiny to do so.

Arrow has one sister named Yazmine, and his parents are Zoda and Mika. If you listen closely to the beginning of the movie, you will notice that Arrow was supposed to become Myra’s mate so that the packs would be joined together. This was not the case since The Death Alpha attacked before they could even meet. At the time Arrow’s name was Koda, and after his training he was renamed Arrow, so it is unknown whether Arrow and Myra knew they were supposed to be mates. Arrow takes a liking to Kara after he sees how important her little brother was to her.

This is the main protagonist in Wolf Song. Her name is Kara, and she was born as a dog in captivity.  She hates her dad because he left her and her brother when they were babies. They are shown running away in the beginning of the story, and it is never revealed why, just that if they are caught they will be killed.  Kara’s main goal is to get away from whatever harm they were coming from, and to keep Alador safe. Kara has three forms, her dog form, her wolf form, and her stone form.
Alador is Kara’s brother, and  he followed her when she ran away. It is revealed at the end of the movie that her parents are Damien the wolf, and Bete De Loup the house dog. She is revealed to have feelings for Arrow.


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